Ediks BY Marga Vugs

A mild vinegar that may not be called a vinegar
with high concentrations of fresh products!

The Pedro Ximenez Edik is our award winner: it received the 2nd prize in the 2014 Golden Tavola Food Service Award. Our Pedro Ximenez Edik has a deep, sweet sherry flavour and is made from genuine Pedro Ximenez sherry. The sherry acquires its...
Angelica is a herb with a warm, sweet and refreshing taste. Fresh angelica is allowed to mature in our Edik, releasing a wonderful, fresh flavour.
Apple Edik is made from fresh apples. The apples are matured in the Edik, producing a delicious, refreshing apple-flavoured edik. Apple edik is often used in salads but is also very good with black pudding or calf's liver.
Limburg Apple Syrup Edik is made from genuine apple syrup from the Dutch province of Limburg. The sweet, syrupy apple flavour produces a delicious combination when teamed with the edik. Limburg Apple Syrup Edik is a very good match for gravy and...
Asparagus Edik is made 100% fresh Dutch asparagus. The Asparagus Edik is matured for a long time to allow the full-bodied flavour of the asparagus to reach its full potential. Asparagus Edik is often used in cooking to enhance asparagus sauce but...
Basil Edik is made from fresh Dutch basil which is grown outdoors; as a result, the basil is extremely flavoursome and when it is allowed to mature in our edik, it releases a delectable, refreshing taste.  
Rosemary Edik
Red Wine Edik is made from a delicious French Merlot-Cabernet which produces a lovely fruity bouquet for the edik. Red Wine Edik is primarily used in gravy and sauces, but the flavours of this edik will reach their full potential in vinaigrettes...
Champagne Edik is made from real Brut or Rosé Brut, which produces a gorgeous, mild edik. Champagne Edik is often used in beurre blanc, in sauces and salads and as a refined method for degreasing.
Dragon edik wordt vervaardigd met verse dragon, een kruid met een bittere, peperachtige anijssmaak. De dragon wordt gerijpt in onze edik waardoor de frisse smaak van dragon in onze edik trekt. Dragon edik wordt voornamelijk gebruikt bij salades en...
Shallot Edik is made from fresh shallots. The shallots are allowed to mature in the edik, releasing their full-bodied flavours into it. Shallot edik is an excellent match for salads, but works very well in both hot and cold dishes too.
Raspberry Edik is made from fresh raspberries, which are allowed to mature in the edik until the sweet, fresh taste of the raspberries has been released into it.  
Vlierbloem Edik
Ginger Edik is made from fresh ginger root. The ginger is allowed to mature in our edik, releasing the flavour of the ginger into it. Ginger Edik is frequently used in Asian dishes; this edik can reach its full potential in chicken dishes in...
White Wine Edik is made from a lovely, fresh French Sauvignon Blanc, which releases a refreshing and fruity flavour into the edik.
Hazelnut Liqueur Edik is made from a delectable, full-bodied hazelnut liqueur, a mild and syrupy liqueur that flavours the edik with the wonderful, full-bodied taste of hazelnuts. Hazelnut Liqueur Edik is frequently used in salads made with nuts...
Parsley Edik
Honey Edik is made from different kinds of honey that are allowed to mature in the edik. The honey releases a luscious, full-bodied sweet flavour into the edik. Honey Edik can be used for dishes like carrot or chicory salad, but goes very well in...
Garlic Edik is made from fresh, wet garlic which is allowed to mature in our edik, releasing the full-bodied garlic flavour into it.
Lavender Edik is made with fresh sprigs of lavender which are allowed to mature in the edik, releasing its wonderful, mild flavour into it. Lavender Edik is a great accompaniment for fish dishes. Try using the Lavender Edik to souse the cooking...
  • Pedro Ximenez Edik
  • Angelica Edik
  • Apple Edik
  • Apple Syrup Edik
  • Asparagus Edik
  • Basil Edik
  • Rosemary Edik
  • Red Wine Edik
  • Champagne Edik
  • Dragon Edik
  • Shallot Edik
  • Raspberry Edik
  • Elderflower Edik
  • Ginger Edik
  • White Wine Edik
  • Hazelnut Liqueur Edik
  • Parsley Edik
  • Honey Edik
  • Garlic Edik
  • Lavender Edik

Edik: the gourmet flavouring!

ediks 6 flessen

"Ediks" are mild vinegars that may not be called "vinegars" for the simple reason that their acidity is too low, i.e. lower than the four per cent required by law. However, this low acidity allows the edik's ingredients, which are all processed when fresh, to reach their full potential in the dish. Furthermore, the dish will not require additional sweeteners to mask the sourness of the vinegar.


It all started 33 years ago, when Marga Vugs, looking for a hobby, planted a herb garden behind her house. The garden produced far more herbs than she and her husband could ever eat, so she looked for recipes for herb vinegars as way of processing her herbs.

Teaming up with family friend and famous chef Cas Spijkers, she discovered the mild vinegars, otherwise known as "Ediks". By combining ediks with more herbs, vegetables, fruit and alcoholic beverages, they produced a range consisting of dozens of flavours.

After Marga Vugs's death in 2011, her husband and a few of her staff continued to produce the Ediks. However, they also sought a way of promoting them so Ediks would receive all the attention it deserved. That respect was ensured when Sjef Brok, who had been closely involved in Ediks for years, acquired the company.

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  • Restaurant Parkheuvel, Erik van Loo
  • Restaurant Vandeijck , Gardy Joordens
  • Manoir Restaurant Inter Scaldes, Jannis Brevet
  • Herberg Kop van 't Land, Ewout Faasse
  • Restaurant Hermitage, Jan Klein


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